Capacity Building Training Projects


PATFIO is committed to providing an education program that will benefit employees and your organization by improving performance and efficiency.

Capacity Building Training Projects
PATFIO is committed to providing an education program that will benefit employees and your organization by improving performance and efficiency. We work with clients to assess needs and customize the best solution for them. We respect the valuable time of our clients and emphasize the creation of training plans that have a minimal impact on a company’s daily operations. Our system involves three key steps;

1. Needs
Cooperation with the client is a vital component to creating an effective training program. We spend time with the company to assess areas of strength that can be supported and areas of weakness that can be improved. We rely on companies to allow full access to staff to gauge the needs across all levels. Our analysts work with agents and management to determine the best programs for everyone. We study daily operations, human resources issues, and even personality issues that can affect a business’s operations. Our staff is trained to analyze the skills and training of employees and other aspects that can hamper or help a company on its path to success.

2. Training Plan
PATFIO develops a training program that is tailored to the needs of your company. We customize the plan to the employees and the methods that will be most successful for each group. Training can be disruptive to a business, so we ensure that our plan works within the scheduling needs of your company. We will choose training techniques and scheduling that will have the least amount of impact on your day-to-day operations, whether it means full training days, partial days, or training videos or slideshows that employees can view on their own during their workday. We will work with your company to determine which employees can be in training at any time without a detrimental impact in the short term.

3. Evaluation
After the training program is completed, we work with clients to evaluate the success of the training for their employees. Our training is designed to have quantifiable success that can be built upon, and we rely on the client’s honest feedback to further develop training for their employees. Once the evaluation has been completed, we can build upon the completed training program and identify areas for further education. Depending on the needs of the client, continuous education can be scheduled at regular intervals to address other skills in need of development. The trainings includes;
i. Process Modeling & Simulation in METSIM.
ii. Process Plant Layout & Piping Design in Autodesk Plant 3D.
iii. Chemical Process Simulation in AVEVA PRO11/CHEMCAD.
iv. Lean Project Management
v. Project Management in Ms. Project.
The main objective of the trainings is to capacitate the Engineers and Technicians with hands-on practical experience for application in their day-to-day business as well as projects work.

The Challenge
There have been a huge demand for knowledge and computer skills related to industry 4.0 technologies. These skills includes Modeling and simulation technology using specialized softwares, 2D/3D modeling and animation in CAD software as well as application of project management softwares like Ms. Project Management. Most of the educational curricula in universities and colleges is not fully covering the practical appreciation of computer skills and industry 4.0.

The Results
This is what others say after participating in the courses;
• “…The case study and the simplified – yet detailed – technical applications of the software made the course easier. The approach used by Patrick throughout the course is laudable. I learned faster.”
• “The course covers industry related issues and examples.

• “If you’re new in modeling and simulation technology as their applied in mineral processing, this is very amazing and fruitful course. It covers a lot of basics information you need and how to use METSIM software. I fully recommend this course to everyone new in this field.”
• “…This course is a powerful starter for someone new to process modeling and simulation using simulation softwares. I would recommend engineering graduates (chemical engineering, Metallurgy, Processing Engineering) and professionals in the Minerals sector to take this course.”