The consultancy, established in 2018, has a reputation for the delivery of high quality studies and practical engineered solutions in the areas of process engineering, process optimization, technical coaching and technical skills training. With a primary focus on capacity building training, PATFIO was instrumental in the wide acceptance of process modeling and simulation technology.

Over the years, a database compilation of project information and trainings has captured PATFIO’s extensive project experience.

PATFIO’s approach to process engineering, optimization and capacity building trainings involves gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s needs.

This knowledge, combined with specialized in house techniques, state of the art computer modelling, comprehensive database comparisons and extensive project experience provides the building blocks on which our services are based.

Our teams of highly qualified and experienced process engineers take pride in the close working relationship we develop with our valued clients. This relationship results in a comprehensive and mutual understanding of the processing outcomes desired by our clients.

With offices in Zimbabwe, PATFIO Consultants has the capacity to offer specialized consulting services around the clock and across the globe.

PATFIO consultants specialise in the following services:

  • Flowsheet modelling, major equipment selection and design
  • Process engineering design for new and upgrade projects
  • Studies
  • Plant optimisation
  • Training
  • Project reporting