CHEMCAD is an integrated suite of intuitive chemical process simulation software that fits into the chemical engineering workflow and supercharges an engineer’s efficiency. The software continues to evolve to meet the ever-expanding needs of chemical engineers.


AVEVA PRO/II Simulation optimizes plant performance by improving process design and operational analysis and performing engineering studies. Designed to perform rigorous heat and material balance calculations for a wide range of chemical processes, AVEVA PRO/II Simulation offers a wide variety of thermodynamic models to virtually every industry.


Aspen HYSYS is a chemical process simulator currently developed by AspenTech used to mathematically model chemical processes, from unit operations to full chemical plants and refineries.


Create and edit P&IDs and 3D models, and extract piping orthographics and isometrics with an industry-specific toolset for plant design. With the Plant 3D toolset, you can:

  • Collaborate securely in a cloud-based common data environment
  • Speed up and automate P&ID drafting and 3D modeling with in-context commands
  • Automatically create piping isometric drawings directly from the 3D model